Cold Drinks


$7 / $9
substitute almond or coconut milk +$1.50
add flax, protein or matcha +75¢
add flax +75¢

Scully - peaches, mango, vanilla yogurt and orange juice
Classico - strawberries, bananas and orange juice
Tropical Storm - mango, pineapple, banana and
orange juice
Green Dream - mango, spinach, peaches, flax meal
and apple juice


$7 / $9

Vanilla - shake or malt
Chocolate - shake or malt
Dream Orange - ice cream, mango and orange juice
Mocha Blanca - ice cream, espresso, white chocolate and milk
Chai - sherpa chai and ice cream
Strawberry - ice cream, strawberries


Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Lavender, Coconut, Orange, Blackberry, Honey Pistachio, Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Caramel, Sugar Free Hazelnut

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